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We vibe with and develop music careers of artists like Marllo, Dysher, Panda Junior, Zzaio, Mike Gotcha, Rooksee and Masterpoint!

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Dysher discovered his passion for music production, searching for the right instrumentals for his rap lyrics. Releases Dysher released his first single called “DOARe Romania” (Romania Hurts) from his forthcoming debut album “Nationalizare” (Nationalization). On the second verse, Marllo‘s single “IndiGo” also feature the perfomance of Dysher, the song being…


Marllo is a charismatic singer/songwriter and piano player, who first tried to conquer the heart of every viewer at X-Factor. Securing a deal with MasterPoint Management, Marllo was soon signed with the independent record company AudioGate Records. Releases Shortly after, on the 11th of June 2014, Marllo released his first…


Panda Junior had his first experience as a DJ in 1990, at Bucharest’s culture house Schiller, experience which lasted for six months. Biography His DJ career takes a strong turn in 1995 at Disco Fan (Children’s Town of Bucharest), where he is the resident DJ for 2 years, until 1997.…